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[Webinar] New Year, New Mindset: How to Shift Your District’s Assessment Culture in 2020

We are excited to announce that we just scheduled a new webinar in partnership with Cobb County School District. The webinar, entitled “New Year, New Mindset: How to Shift Your District’s Assessment Culture in 2020,” is scheduled for February 26, 2020, at 3:30 pm ET.


Having administered over 1.5 million assessments this school year, CCSD knows firsthand how informative and useful assessment data can be. A key Georgia K-12 educational testing assessment for 2019 – the CCRPI – revealed that CCSD schools performed above state and national averages. In this informational webinar, representatives from the award-winning district will share how they’ve cultivated a culture of creativity, excitement and empowerment around assessments, which is in turn driving student achievement.

Gone are the days when assessments equate to bubble sheets, color-coded test packets, nervous students and bunch of scary acronyms. Today’s educators should be empowered to use assessments as an everyday tool to improve teaching and learning in the classroom. Attendees in this webinar will hear from three powerful speakers, each proving a unique perspective on how to achieve a better assessment culture at a classroom, school and district level:

  • John Floresta, Chief Strategy & Accountability Officer
    Providing district-level perspective, John will discuss:
    • The importance of tone from the top in shifting district culture and engagement
    • Keys to effective communication and ongoing training to drive adoption across the district
    • How critical it is to empower teachers with the tools and flexibility they need to better align instruction around the needs of students
    • What is CCSD’s assessment model, Cobb Metrics, and how does it help teachers focus on the individual student?
  • Lori Horn, Director of Assessment & Personalized Learning
    With accountability over the district’s assessment program, Lori will discuss:

    • How CCSD’s assessment model, Cobb Metrics, helps contribute to student success
    • When and how Cobb Metrics are administered to students and the strategy behind the schedule
    • How Cobb Metrics differ from state-mandated end-of-year (GA Milestones) and other nationally normed assessments and are they all necessary?
  • Candice Coombs-Davies, First Grade Teacher, Shallowford Falls Elementary
    As a classroom teacher, Candice will discuss how she and her students have embraced a culture of assessment:

    • How Assessment is being used as a classroom management tool
    • The importance of terminology in the classroom
    • How real-time assessment data helps her to make timely instructional decisions
    • How having the right tools makes her job easier and more effective

CCSD is nationally recognized as an innovator in the use of technology in the classroom and we are excited to partner with some of the district’s leaders to bring you this webinar. We hope you’ll join us on February 26!