Building Administrators

You want to support your teachers and make sure that they have the tools and resources they need to be effective. You also are accountable to the district, parents and students for learning outcomes. Do you have the data you need to quantitatively know how effective your school is?

The Incite® Teaching & Learning Platform empowers you with the data you and your teachers need to:

  • Monitor teacher effectiveness across grade, school and district levels
  • Make data-driven decisions that improve student outcomes
  • Personalize instruction to positively impact all students
  • Gain insight into individual student performance to identify the need for intervention

How can you make your teachers jobs easier? 

You can provide all the tools and resources they need to support the entire teaching and learning process. With the Incite® Platform they have convenient single sign-on access to:

  • Item and assessment creation, test administration and instant scoring for real-time test results
  • Curricular resources (lesson and unit plans, pacing guides, etc.) to effectively plan and deliver instruction
  • A library of digital resources that can be used in lessons or assigned to students
  • Communication tools for group or private messaging to students or parents
  • Professional development courses to learn and acquire new skills
  • Powerful reports and analytics that provide actionable data to adjust and personalize instruction immediately

How can you improve collaboration and communication in your school community? 

Incite connects the various stakeholders involved in the education process:

  • Principals have better insight into student and teacher performance, professional development activities, and testing activities 
  • Teachers and colleagues can collaborate on curriculum and instruction design, item and assessment creation, and data analysis
  • Parents can become more engaged through better communication and information
  • Two-way communication connects teachers and students for better outcomes


Optimizing Teaching and Learning

With the Incite Platform, your teachers can effectively plan, personalize and deliver instruction in all scenarios: in-person classroom, online streaming lessons, or on-demand access to recorded lessons. They’ll have simple tools to help centralize curriculum and resources and organize in an intuitive way. They’ll be able to collaborate and communicate more effectively. They’ll be able to access professional development courses and increase their knowledge of best practices. They’ll be able to identify areas of strength and weakness so they can adjust and personalize instruction. As Principal, you’ll have access to the data you need to quantitatively know how your school, teachers and students are performing.