The way you’ve been asked to teach and interact with students and parents has changed a lot over the last year. Do you have all of the tools and resources you need to do your job effectively and efficiently?

With the Incite® Teaching & Learning Platform you have convenient single sign-on access to:

  • Item and assessment creation, test administration and instant scoring for real-time test results
  • Curricular resources (lesson and unit plans, pacing guides, etc.) to effectively plan and deliver instruction
  • A library of digital resources that can be used in lessons or assigned to students
  • Communication tools for group or private messaging to students or parents
  • Professional development courses to learn and acquire new skills
  • Powerful reports and analytics that provide actionable data to adjust and personalize instruction immediately

Are you creating and using assessments to determine what your students know? 

You know that effective assessment can inform instruction and help personalize learning. Incite® Assessment provides one user-friendly platform that supports the complete assessment process: 

  • Create standard-based items and assessments
  • Support .pdf versions of tests without re-creating the assessments by simply creating an answer key
  • Quickly and easily administer and score assessments
  • Access real-time actionable data to guide decisions
  • Support formative, interim and summative assessments so you are unrestricted by test type, purpose or frequency

Are you able to deliver instruction in all scenarios? 

Incite® Classroom improves the classroom experience by giving teachers and students all the tools and resources they need in one convenient place. Make in-person or virtual instruction seamless: 

  • Securely livestream video, see student videos and share screen in a virtual class
  • Share digital resources with the class
  • Chat with the group or private message students within the classroom
  • Record and post virtual lessons for on-demand access by students
  • Assign and receive work from students for scoring/grading and provide feedback to students

I use Incite to inform my instruction by looking at the different reports available to me. The reports do an excellent job of breaking down the assessments by specific standards. These reports inform my instruction because it helps me focus on those specific standards that students are struggling with based on data. I can then assess these standards alone to show growth on a particular skill.

– Kendall NewellFirst Grade Teacher, Kiser Elementary School

Supporting Teaching & Learning Across Classroom & Digital Environments

The Incite Platform connects all of the necessary tools and resources you need in one convenient interface to enable anytime, anywhere learning. You can deliver instruction in-person, online (synchronous or asynchronous), to whole classes, small groups or 1:1. Our blended learning platform enables teachers and students to seamlessly connect across digital and classroom learning environments to support all instructional needs. You have the tools and data to determine exactly what your students know and personalize instruction accordingly.