Directors of Curriculum & Instruction

It’s challenging to maintain the fidelity of the curriculum and resources used in your district considering changes to state standards, the transition to digital, and the breadth of subjects and courses you manage. How do you make sure your district has easy access to everything they need to effectively plan and deliver standards-based instruction?

Incite Classroom gives teachers and students all the tools and resources they need in one convenient place:

  • Create, store, inventory and reference curricular resources (lesson and unit plans, pacing guides) in a centralized platform
  • Provide teachers, students and parents with access to a robust Learning Object Repository (LOR) of searchable digital resources
  • Provide all documents, resources and tools through one streamlined interface so that teachers can effectively plan, personalize and deliver instruction

How do you ensure integration of curriculum, instruction and assessment? 

The Incite® Teaching & Learning Platform is a natively integrated system that helps connect the various functions:

  • Automatically assign targeted curricular resources to students for remediation or enrichment based on assessment results
  • Allow teachers to record lessons, which can be assigned to students or uploaded to the LOR as an additional curricular resource
  • Mark standards as priority standards to indicate the ones that are considered to be the most important that teachers  should focus on

How do you notify your district about changes to state standards, new content adoptions and availability of new curricular resources?

The Incite Teaching & Learning Platform provides a number of communication and training tools to help support rollout of new standards, content and resources:

  • Send announcements to users as they log into Incite (and target specific user roles if needed)
  • Utilize Incite Professional to create professional development courses, track completion of courses, and even validate comprehension through assessments
  • Post information and enable teachers to collaborate through course-specific message boards in Incite Professional

The EdIncites Platform serves as our District’s GPS to navigate students’ mastery of learning targets to drive instruction. This assessment tool provides a blueprint (route) for teachers to analyze and monitor data in multiple ways to accelerate student learning.

– Carolyn MackChief of Curriculum, Instruction & Professional Learning – Dayton Public Schools

Optimizing Teaching and Learning

With the Incite Platform, educators can effectively plan, personalize and deliver instruction in all scenarios: in-person classroom, online streaming lessons, or on-demand access to recorded lessons. The platform provides simple tools to help centralize curriculum and resources and organize in an intuitive way. With everyone in the district using the same platform with all the tools and resources they need accessible in one streamlined interface, teaching and learning becomes more efficient and more effective.