You’re accountable to a variety of constituents – your School Board, staff, parents, students, community and state. How can you quantitatively demonstrate continuous improvement? 

The Incite® Teaching & Learning Platform empowers you with the data you need to:

  • Monitor progress across the district throughout the school year and year-over-year
  • Enable your staff to make data-driven decisions that improve student outcomes
  • Personalize instruction to positively impact all students

How can you attract and retain the best educators and staff for your district? 

People just want tools that help them do their jobs effectively and efficiently. Make your staff’s jobs easier with Incite: 

  • One convenient platform streamlines all the tools and resources they need to support the entire teaching and learning process 
  • The ease of use and intuitiveness of Incite simplifies training and usage
  • Enable closer integration of standards-based curriculum, instruction and assessment for better outcomes
  • Provide professional development opportunities for staff to promote continuous learning and improvement

How can you decrease dropout rates and support underserved populations?

We operate Acceleration Academies, the national leader in re-engaging young adults to help them earn their high school diploma, offering:

  • A unique academic model designed to support the needs of at-risk and underserved students, including in-person and virtual options, individualized learning plans and more
  • Tools to help students overcome a variety of personal barriers to attendance and engagement, such as mentoring, food services and flexible scheduling
  • An emphasis on life and career mentoring to ensure success beyond graduation

How can you improve collaboration and communication? 

Incite connects the various stakeholders involved in the education process:

  • Foster collaboration amongst teachers and colleagues for curriculum and instruction design, item and assessment creation, and data analysis
  • Improve communication with parents to boost engagement
  • Enable two-way communication between teachers and students

The classroom gets more complicated for students, parents, and teachers every year. It doesn’t have to be. The Cobb Teaching & Learning System (CTLS) is designed to give students better resources, parents more information, and teachers more time.

– Chris RagsdaleSuperintendent – Cobb County School District

A Flexible Platform and Partner for any District

Whether you are a thought leader and early adopter of new technology, or prefer to deploy proven technology in your district, EdIncites is your partner. You can feel confident in the deep experience that our team has supporting K-12 school districts across the nation. We’ll provide intuitive tools that are easy for your district to implement and your staff to use. The Incite Platform will empower you and your staff with standards-based educational insights that can be utilized for quantitative continuous improvement that increases student achievement and teacher effectiveness. Let us help your district make the utilization of data a cultural centerpiece of education.