Directors of Assessment

You know that effective assessment can inform instruction and help personalize learning. But do you have the tools that your district needs to support your assessment program while meeting state and regulatory requirements? 

Incite® Assessment provides one user-friendly platform that supports the complete assessment process: 

  • Create standard-based items and assessments
  • Quickly and easily administer and score assessments
  • Access real-time actionable data to guide decisions
  • Support formative, interim and summative assessments so you are unrestricted by test type, purpose or frequency

Is your district creating and using effective items and assessments to determine what your students know? 

Incite Assessment provides the tools that district staff need to ensure validity and rigor of standards-based assessments:

  • Utilize expansive item types (including technology enhanced items) from available item banks or created by district users to ensure familiarity with item types encountered on state tests
  • Build standards-based assessments with specific levels of rigor, DOK and RBT with our blueprinting tool
  • Support .pdf versions of tests without re-creating the assessments by simply creating an answer key
  • Publish and target assessments to grade, subject, course, class and schedule for use

Do your teachers have the information they need in order to identify areas of strength or weakness so they can adjust instruction? 

Incite Assessment empowers educators with actionable assessment data that can positively impact student achievement:

  • See test results in real-time while observing the overall pace of the class, each student’s progress, length of time on each question,and have immediate access to results
  • View actionable reports available at the teacher, school, region and district level
  • Customize dashboards that allow users to define which metrics are important to them
  • Employ powerful analytics that allow you to select and compare assessments, sort, group and filter data from different perspectives

One of the tools that impacts instruction the most is teachers having immediate access to assessment results. CTLS Assess gives our teachers immediate access to data which allows teachers to provide timely feedback to students as a catalyst for learning.

– Lori HornDirector, Assessment & Personalized Learning – Cobb County School District

Empowering Educators with actionable assessment data that can positively impact student achievement

With Incite Assessment, you’ll have the tools to determine exactly what your students know and personalize instruction accordingly. Your district will be able to create standards-based items and assessments to meet your specific intent. Armed with powerful reports and analytics, you’ll have immediate insights to effect positive change in the classroom.