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Seven Educators Share How They Plan to Focus on Positivity & Personal Growth in 2021

The start of a new year is often a time for self-reflection and promotion of personal growth. This post in our New Year’s resolution series shares how seven educators are looking to bring positivity and self-improvement into focus in 2021.

Traci Fox, Secondary ELA Content Coach, Iredell Statesville Schools
My resolution in 2021 is to be more peaceful and content and less worrisome and rushed. I turned 50 in December, so I’ve already embraced LIVING and not worrying. Life is too precious. 

Emily Reynolds, Gear Up Coach, Iredell Statesville Schools
My New Year’s resolution is to strive to have daily positive self-talks with myself to help increase my belief in myself and my motivation and drive to do great work.

Levi Moellering, Tech Specialist, Theodore International School
My New Year’s resolution is to feel comfortable in my new role. This year has been challenging in many aspects but for 2021, my goal is to have a new mindset of positivity and looking forward to what this year has in store. I hope to help as many people as I can and better myself along the way. 

Natalie Brucia, Instructional Support Specialist, Union County Public Schools 
My resolution for 2021 is to be more present when meeting with a teacher or grade level. When meeting with staff, I hope to devote 100% of my attention to them by actively listening and focusing my energy on them. My mind will often think about all of the other tasks I need to get done, emails I need to respond to, or even what I need to add to my grocery list. I would like to be better at prioritizing my colleagues during the time I have with them.

Suzanne Pettifer, Executive Director, Curriculum & Instruction, Greece Central School District
My New Year’s resolution is to be more self-aware. I can get caught up in the goals I have and not slow down to notice others. I want to listen more and talk less. I want to ensure I don’t leave those I collaborate with behind in the work we are doing together.  

Morgan Moellering, Academic Head, Theodore International School
I have recently been promoted and have been feeling all sorts of emotions as we go into a new year. As the new academic head, my main goal is to make all the students and teachers feel safe and accepted. I want to let them know I am here for them and willing to help in any way I can. I hope to inspire some along the way and also inspire myself to do the best job I can as I take on this new role. 

Trish Roddy, Communications Director, Princeton City Schools
My New Year’s resolution is to practice servant leadership but to also find balance in my personal life. If anything, COVID-19 has taught me to live in the moment and stop waiting for “some day.” Teach the skills now, go to the events when you can, take the extra photo, and appreciate the “ordinary” moments. 

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