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Meet our #FeelGood2020 Educator of the Year Morgan Moellering

Drumroll, please….Our #FeelGood2020 Educator of the Year is….MORGAN MOELLERING! Yesterday, we profiled our runner up, Heather Taylor, and today, we are excited to introduce you to our winner, Morgan Moellering!

Tell us a little about your teaching career…how long have you been a teacher? What grade(s) and subject(s) have you taught?
I am currently the academic head for Theodore International School in Chumphon, Thailand. It has always been a dream of mine to teach overseas. Before this I taught in Cobb County as a 3rd grade teacher for three years. I have also taught toddlers through kindergarten at Primrose School in Georgia. 

Did you always know you wanted to be a teacher? 
It wasn’t until I was a sophomore in high school that I knew I wanted to be a teacher. My history teacher asked me to take a teaching elective. When I stepped foot into the classroom, as a teacher for the first time instead of a student, I knew this was what I was meant to do. And since then I have been in the classroom or helping students any way I can. 

Who was the most influential teacher you had growing up?  What sticks out most about him/her?
There are two teachers that stick out in my mind. First is my second grade teacher, Ms. Bailey. She took the time to get to know all of her students and build relationships, not just inside the classroom. She would come out and support us at our games, special events, and we were even invited to her wedding as a class. Then, in high school, the same teacher that asked me to take a teaching elective also showed me how to value myself as a teacher and as a person. Mrs. Hall has always shown her support for all of her students, and once again took the time to build relationships with her students. I knew that both of these teachers truly cared about me, and it is what I strive to be like for all of my students. 

Think back to your first year teaching…..what one piece of advice would you give that teacher? 
You don’t have to be perfect. I put so much pressure on myself for my first year teaching thinking that I had to know everything, had to have the best results for everything, and couldn’t ask questions to other teachers who had been doing this a lot longer than me. I wish I would have known that it’s ok to struggle sometimes. Even after the first year, teaching can be a struggle sometimes, but with grace and a good team you can get through anything! 

How has technology been beneficial to you as a teacher?
There have been so many ways technology has benefited my students and I. Especially now in these times of virtual teaching. In the classroom it was useful for making lessons engaging, having student led center time, reading online, taking virtual field trips, doing webinars with people in other careers to see what their job looked like, putting in data, and so much more. I always thought technology in the classroom wasn’t good, but now I can say that technology, used correctly in the classroom, is a game changer! 

Our inaugural #FeelGood Educator of the Year contest was such a blast! It was truly an honor to get to know all of our #FeelGoodFriday recipients and we look forward to all the ones we will meet in 2021 and beyond! As always, nominations are open to recognize an outstanding educator!