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Dayton Public Schools Shares Its Top 5 Reasons for Choosing EdIncites

Dayton, Ohio, is home to the oldest potato chip company in the United States, the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force, Paul Laurence Dunbar, an American poet, novelist, and playwright of the late 19th and early 20th centuries and the nation’s oldest private historically black university, Wilberforce University. It’s also home to Dayton Public Schools (DPS), an urban school district comprised of 27 schools with more than 12,000 students. DPS is known for its exceptional schools, innovative technology initiatives, College Credit Plus Program and its Challenger Learning Center, where students get hands-on experience with STEM and learn about space travel and exploration. The district is a proud EdIncites client and user of Incite Assessment, our assessment and reporting platform. We are grateful for the support of DPS and their willingness to share the reasons why they selected Incite Assessment. Here are the district’s top 5 reasons for choosing EdIncites: 


#1: Technology-Enhanced Items: The wide variety of item types offered by Incite Assessment was a huge draw for DPS, particularly the availability of technology-enhanced questions. The district’s favorite item types include hot spots, evidence-based selection, drag & drop, ordering and multi-part.


#2: Real-Time Student Data: Incite Assessment arms educators with real-time data so that they can make immediate adjustments in instruction. Kendall Newell, a 3rd grade DPS teacher, said, “I use Incite to inform my instruction by looking at the different reports available to me. The reports do an excellent job of breaking down the assessments by specific standards. These reports inform my instruction because it helps me focus on those specific standards that students are struggling with based on data. I can then assess these standards alone to show growth on a particular skill.” 

Amber Edwards, a 2nd grade teacher within the district, echoed that sentiment: “Incite Assessment is a wonderful assessment tool that allows me to ensure that my instruction is at a rigorous enough level that my students are able to make the necessary growth. I love all the different reports that are available to me. I am able to look at many data points. I can use the analytics to determine what specific objectives my students are mastering and what objectives my students are still struggling with.” 


#3: Customizable Test Windows: Incite Assessment has a number of test administration tools that give educators control, flexibility and transparency, including customizable testing windows. With this feature, educators can set and adjust appropriate testing windows during which students can access assessments. 


#4: District & Teacher-Created Assessments: Incite Assessment supports the use of both district and teacher-created assessments, giving educators the flexibility to utilize the assessments that make the most sense for their students and situations.


#5: Power Standards Indicated: EdIncites makes it easy for teachers to align assessments and instruction with standards. As a result, educators are able to easily understand which standards have been mastered and which ones require further instruction.


We are honored to be partners with an innovative school district such as Dayton Public Schools! If your district is searching for a new formative and summative assessment solution, and you’d like to learn more about EdIncites, get in touch