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Acceleration Academies Selects the Incite Teaching & Learning Platform from EdIncites to Power its National Student Re-Engagement Programs

Chicago, IL – April 7, 2021 – Acceleration Academies, the national leader in re-engaging young adults not experiencing success in a traditional high school setting, announced today that it will implement the Incite Teaching & Learning Platform from EdIncites to support the academic programs in its Academies across the nation.

Acceleration Academies works with young adults to help them overcome obstacles in order to complete a personalized academic program and earn their high school diploma. The organization utilizes web-based curriculum, individualized learning plans, flexible instruction and career/life coaching to help students who may otherwise not be successful in earning their diploma.

Through its partnership with EdIncites, Acceleration Academies students and educators will have access to a world-class learning management system (LMS), alongside tools for assessment, analytics, online and blended learning, student engagement tools and more. This technology will help support Acceleration Academies’ students on their journey towards earning their high school diploma.

At its core, the Incite Platform infuses data into the learning process and connects students and educators with resources for effective teaching and learning. The award-winning platform is trusted by districts and educational organizations nationwide.

Dr. Margie Sharp, Chief Education Officer at Acceleration Academies states, “We have a very data-driven approach to teaching and learning and the Incite Platform will empower us with the information we need to personalize instruction for each student. Our students deserve access to user-friendly technology that makes their educational journey simpler and more effective. This collaboration with EdIncites will be a game-changer for our students and our educators.”

EdIncites’ Founder and CEO, Steve Campbell, echoes that sentiment adding, “Our goal is to provide user-friendly technology that helps improve student outcomes. We are thrilled that Acceleration Academies has selected our platform to help their students overcome real-life challenges to obtain their high school diplomas and reach their full potential.” He adds that, “We are confident that our technology, combined with Acceleration Academies’ proven pedagogy, will lead to not just better educational outcomes, but better futures for these young adults.”

To learn more about Acceleration Academies, visit www.accelerationacademies.org.

To learn more about EdIncites, visit http://educationincites.com/solutions/overview.