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10 Teachers Share Their New Year’s Resolutions

Earlier this week, we started a new series on our blog shining a light on the New Year’s resolutions of educators of varying types. Today, we are sharing a new installment in the series all about teachers! Read on to see what these ten amazing teachers are hoping to accomplish or improve upon in the new year.

Amy Erb, Teacher, Stallings Elementary School, Union County Public Schools
My new year’s resolution is to keep teaching and learning first. I know we are facing uncertain times but if we remember our job is solely to educate students, we will be okay! 

Darla Steadham, Special Needs Teacher, Hamilton County Schools
For the new year my goal is to continue to make these children feel loved as we are going back to virtual learning and to find new resources to help my students’ parents while their children are learning from home.

Vanessa Hannah, 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher, Iredell Statesville Schools
My New Year’s Educational Resolution is pretty special for me. I have decided to go back to school and get my masters. I am starting at Grand Canyon University to pursue my Masters in Secondary Education with a concentration in Humanities. I feel as though me starting back now will help me better empathize with my students, who are pushing through virtually during this pandemic. I would also like to increase my knowledge base on how to socially and emotionally connect with my students through virtual learning. My plans are to increase my time in SEL professional development and learning how to think outside the box when it comes to student/teacher connections. 

Kimberly Castner, 4th Grade Teacher, Union County Public Schools
My education resolution is to continue my focus on fostering a classroom environment that encourages creativity, collaboration among students, and supports the social emotional needs of all of my virtual learners. 

Carolyn Lepore, Teacher/Resource Teacher, Union County Public Schools
My New Year’s Resolution for 2021:  To be more present for my students’ emotional needs.

Candice Coombs-Davies, 1st Grade Teacher, Shallowford Falls Elementary, Cobb County School District
After this year, I am not so sure if making a resolution for next year is such a good idea…ha!  I resolve to take things as they come and accept the things that I can’t change but make the best out of them. That thinking is what has kept me positive and sane this year as an educator.

Heather Taylor, Band Director, Lakeshore Elementary, Greece Central School District
I am an elementary band teacher at a Title 1 school in Rochester, NY. COVID and the changes in this school year have significantly affected how I teach and how my students learn. To play a band instrument, you literally have to blow air…something that is basically forbidden with all of the COVID restrictions. Band is a very hands-on class/activity with little to no technology usage. However, being forced to teach my students virtually requires the use of technology and various technology-based apps/equipment. My resolution going into the new year is to acquire as much technology-based knowledge as I can to be the best educator for my students this year. I am hoping that what I learn can also be used in the future (post-COVID) so that I can meet the needs of all of my students regardless of circumstance. 

Ashley Guhl, 4th Grade Teacher, Lakeshore Elementary, Greece Central School District
My New Year’s resolution is to laugh more with my students. With the world being what it is, there is no telling what’s ahead and I am so glad to be able to come to school and teach my students (in person) that I want to embrace that blessing as often as possible. 

Kimberly Kelly, 8th Grade Science Lead, Oaks Christian School, California
My resolution is to make virtual learning as hands on as in-person learning. With science experiments, it has been a challenge to only have the students watch experiments; however, we have created ways for students to participate in experiments from home. My goal for 2021 is to have students participating in as many science experiments as possible, whether it’s from their kitchen, living room, bedroom or classroom.

Jill Clements, 2nd Grade Teacher, Springdale Elementary, Princeton City Schools
I have many goals for the New Year, so it’s hard to choose one! My top two goals are to return to school myself to earn my doctorate and to incorporate another technology tool into my remote classroom.

It’s no secret that we at EdIncites love teachers and this post shows ten of the reasons why. Teachers….let us know what your goals are for 2021!