Looking for a powerful Assessment System
that’s easy to use?

The Incite® Platform supports the complete assessment process,
from creating items and standards-based assessments,
to administering and scoring, then providing real-time actionable data.

Create Items & Assessments

  • Expansive Item Types – create items (including Technology-Enhanced Items) using advanced item editors and utilize pre-loaded item banks
  • Effective Assessment Design – build standards-based assessments with specific levels of rigor, DOK and RBT with our Advanced Blueprinting tool
  • Quick and Easy Assessment Creation – create standards-based assessments and reliably proctor at a moment’s notice
  • Utilize External Assessments – support .pdf versions of tests without re‑creating the assessments by simply creating an answer key
  • Easy Targeting and Scheduling – publish and target assessments specifically to grade, subject, course and class taking the assessment and schedule for use


Simplify Assessment Administration

  • Maximum Performance – online assessments load and advance instantly for students even during high-scale usage
  • Easy Preparation – preview and print assessments and pre-slugged bubble sheets
  • Flexible Administration – administer online or on paper from one convenient interface
  • External Assessment Administration – proctor .pdf tests on bubble sheets or online (with assessment PDF and response grid conveniently side-by-side on the screen)
  • Proctor Monitoring – see test results in real-time while observing the overall pace of the class, each students’ progress, length of time on each question, and have immediate access to assessment results
  • Mobile Scanning* – with Incite’s mobile app, you can quickly and easily scan completed bubble sheets for immediate scoring within the platform; Simply position your mobile device over the bubble sheet and the app will capture the image, score the assessment, and save the results in the Incite® platform

* The Incite® platform also supports twain-based scanners for scanning bubble sheets.

Analyze Assessment Data

  • Immediate Insights – Assessments are scored instantly for immediate access to results
  • Elegant Reports – reports are delivered in easy-to-understand formats and are available online or in PDF
  • Customizable Dashboards – users define their own real-time dashboard to ensure at-a-glance access to key summary metrics that are important to them
  • Data-Driven Decisions – identify students that require remediation and curriculum elements that need adjustment to improve educational outcomes
  • Preventative Measures – utilize reports to detect at-risk students in order to take proactive preventative action
  • Comprehensive View – roll-up data is available at the student, teacher, school, region and district levels

Providing Insight to Incite

We’re enabling educators to use data to prompt improvements in teaching and learning!